Some considerations on the Programm

When our teacher told us about this experience we were surprised and excited, even a little bit scared because it looked too hard to face.

When we met the “Team”, in the Hostel Tannenlohe, we liked it immediately, it was very nice and happy and the accommodation was very clear and comfortable.

In the evening of the first day we got to know new people but also new countries, new cultures and new foods. It was incredible and exciting to see young people that talk each other about their life and home country.

During the activity we shared different ideas and thought about national socialism and we had learnt the importance to remember the past and to hand down memories.

When we met the survivors we were speechless because they lead a very difficult life. We try to put ourselves in their shoes but it wasn’t easy . Be young now is very different from be young in the past. We reflected on the concept of “liberty”. What is the real meaning of freedom? Can we consider us free today? Or are we slave about our technology or others hobbies?

After each meeting where we shared ideas or stories, our ideas focused on those speeches. We collected a lot of information. The landscape of Germany helped us in our meditation. The green of the grass, the warm sun and, for some days, the fresh air, helped us to relax and to meditate. Then we share our ideas with the others guys.

On the day of commemoration it was amazing to see a lot of people from different countries gathering in this place. We could listen to different languages and during the reading we kept meditating on the past and the horrifying events!

We also spent fun evening all together and we hope to have the opportunity to see us again in the future.

We would like to thank the Memorial for this opportunity, the Team and all the people who made this event and amazing experience! We’ll remember it in all our life and we hope that others generations will take part at this meeting and they’ll keep the past alive.

Verona 20 maggio 2015 Vittoria Andreoli